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Please note that as of March 7, 2022, support.hvr-software.com is no longer accessible and all support requests will need to be submitted through support.fivetran.com. In order to submit a support request you will need to log on to support.fivetran.com and submit the support requests.
To help with this transition we put together the following FAQ page to address some common questions. However, if you have any other questions related to the support migration you can send an email to integrationsupport@fivetran.com or log in to the Fivetran Support Portal and create a new ticket. Kind Regards

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    Support Hotline

    Gold level customers (24/7 coverage) that submit a priority 1 ticket on the weekend or during non-business hours, please be sure to call the support hotline at +1 415-489-3410 to request prompt attention